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Symmetry of a Walking Shadow
Why is the necessary thing to do is the hardest?
Do we accept enormous pain up front, and numb ourselves for the future, potentially causing irrevocable harm?

Or do we take on the hurt a little at a time knowing in the long run it will be, when summed, much more, hoping that eventually we are inoculated. That even though it may be there, it's suppressed enough we don't realize we feel it?

Which is the better path?

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Warning Labels for Bloggers
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Please keep his family in your prayers. It was a long and difficult fight, but he is no longer in pain. He inspired an Army of love and a movement that I'm sure will roll forward with gaining momentum.


For Eric De La Cruz, to celebrate his life: http://blip.fm/~9gjqq
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... to help my friend Veronica De La Cruz get her brother a heart transplant, but it has pretty much consumed my life outside of work.

Q uick primer: Eric is in a fight for his life at a hospital in LA. He is the victim of a health care nightmare that prevented him from getting the proper medical attention he needed. He is currently trying to recover from emergency surgery so he can be re-listed for a heart transplant. The only reason he needed that emergency surgery is because the doctors say they were two years too late in getting him treatment. Two years that Eric was stuck in bureacratic red tape that prevented a hospital from accepting his case due to a lack of payment options.

Yes, Eric was considered ineligible for a life saving medical procedure because he couldn't pay.
Read about his plight at http://www.weloveeric.com and http://www.lifegiverproject.org and you can follow the original timeline of events of the last month at http://tweet4eric.com and see how we raised a million dollors for eric in less then 30 days thanks to the generosity of people like Trent Reznor and NIN, Jane's Addiciton, Tony Hawk, and thousands upon thousands of generous human beings across the world in a dozen countries.

Today, another great supporter and benefactory of the cause for #Eric posted a blog that literally brought me close to tears. I'm not ashamed to say that a few of them did escape.

On his blog, found here, visual artist David Hoang draws a picture of Veronica De La Cruz and her brother Eric De La Cruz as the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt” plays.
He says "I had trouble holding it back while making this drawing. At some point, my tears dropped on this drawing. "

Check it out here:

And one more thing before I go.
Be an organ donor. Commit here: http://www.donatelife.net/

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Trent Reznor of NIN throws his support behind helping my friend Eric De La Cruz get a heart!
From twitter: @trent_reznor We are offering some unique VIP-type opportunities for the remaining NIN/JA shows. Details here: http://store.nin.com/helperic/ REPOST.
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Feeling stunned and saddened. My heart aches as the light of the world turns dimmer. My beloved grandmother, matriarch of a large and diverse family has passed. Lola, we owe everything to your warmth and boundless love. You leave a legacy of amazing people to carry forth your love and generosity. A family anyone would be proud of. You will forever be remembered through our love given generously in your name.
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Check out the last 30 seconds of the show's Moment of Zen.
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